Jésus Miguel Portillo

Musician & Entrepreneur

Email jesus.portillo@omegastudios.org
 1030 H Street, Suite 2 Bakersfield, CA 93304



Purpose is a big part of everything I do.


I taught myself to use tools available to me, and was able to open new opportunities for myself and my family.


I aim to create new projects that present positive experiences to it's participants, and brings new opportunities to like-minded people.


My end goal is to leave places better than I found them.



  • I professionally play the Violin and the Piano.

  • I am a Director and Conductor.

  • I am an apprentice Luthier and Piano Technician.

  • I am a Male Model.

  • I am a Graphics Designer.

  • I am a Video Editor and Producer.

  • I am a Website Designer, and a Verified Wix Partner.

  • I am an Assistant.

  • I am a Business Advisor.

  • I am a Business Executive.

  • I am a Small Business Investor.

  • I am a Stock Investor.

  • I am an Orange Belt in Shotokan Karate-do 🥋



2011 - Present

Chief Operating Officer

Big Radio Pro, Inc.

Bakersfield, California

April 2021 - Present

Chief Executive Officer

Omega Studios, Inc. & Kodiac, Inc. positions:


2016 - Present

Event Director / PR Specialist / Volunteer

Arranque Empresarial NPO

Bakersfield, California

February 2021 - Present

Executive Assistant

Mayor of Arvin

Arvin, California

March 2021 - Present

Club Member

Bakersfield Host Lions Club

Bakersfield, California

June 2021 - Present

Club Member

Arvin Lamond Kiwanis Club

Arvin, California


  • Certificate of Recognition
    Issued by the State of California Senate
    "Be it resolved by California State Senator Andy Vidak that Jésus M. Portillo be recognized for graduating from the Empezando Class." Empezando Class was an Intro to Small Business class that was held at the Bakersfield Campus of the University of LaVerne.
    August 2016

  • Certificate of Recognition
    Issued by the Consulate of Mexico
    "For your effort, commitment, and dedication. Values that contribute to your professional development and strengthen your business skills."
    August 2016

  • Certificate of Completion
    Issued by the Mission Community Services Corporation
    "Has successfully completed the self-employment training class: Empezando" Co-Presented by Bright House Networks, Women's Business Center, Wells Fargo, the Small Business Administration, and the University of LaVerne.
    August 2016

  • Certificate of Merit
    Issued by the Kern County Superintendent of Schools and Kern County Music Educators Association
    "In recognition of participation of the Honor Orchestra, Choir, and Band."
    February 2018

  • Music Festival Certificate of Award: Excellent
    Issued by the California Music Educators Association
    "Jésus has participated in the 78th Annual Central Section Music Festival sponsored by the California Music Educators Association, has been duly evaluated by Music Adjudicators of high professional standing and is entitled to this rating. Excellent. This is to certify that Jésus Miguel Portillo completed his Violin Solo with an Excellent award, Entered by Mrs. Regina Pryor from Tevis Junior High."
    August 2018

  • Certificate of Recognition
    Issued by the State of California Senate
    "To be recognized by Estudio 72 Radio and Big Radio Pro in his graduation: Hablando Professionalmente. In recognition of their time, sacrifice and efforts to raise our community." The class "Hablando Professionalmente" is a radio and TV broadcasting class meant to teach its students all about the broadcasting industry and tips & tricks on how to learn and better your broadcasting skills as well as public speaking.
    January 2019

  • Certificate of Recognition
    Issued by The Greater Lamont Chamber of Commerce
    "In recognition of your hard work and dedication. We wish you the very best in your future endeavors. May tradition, pride and spirit guide you to future successes."
    January 2020

  • Certificate of Recognition
    Issued by Big Radio Pro, Inc.
    "Jésus Miguel Protillo, who has fulfilled the requirements for the broadcasting training in accordance with the provision of the Big Radio Pro In. Broadcasting Training, Bakersfield CA."
    January 2020

  • Certificate of Recognition
    Issued by The Mayor of Bakersfield
    "For the completion of the Flagship class hosted by the Tel-Tec Securities company: Leaders in Life."
    March 2021

  • Certificate of Rank
    Issued by the Way of Japan Karate-do, United States Association of Martial Arts
    Promotion to 10th Kyu (Yellow Belt)
    July 2021

  • Milestone of 10,000 Volunteer Hours Donated
    May 2021

  • Certificate of Rank
    Issued by the Way of Japan Karate-Do, United States Association of Martial Arts
    Promotion to 9th Kyu (Orange Belt)
    October 2021



Email jesus.portillo@bigradiopro.org

Address 1030 H Street, Suite 2 Bakersfield, CA 93304

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Payment Methods

I accept Cash (Manual/Online), Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH), Dogecoin (CRYPTO: DOGE), and Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) as commission payments.


Omega Studios, Inc.


Big Radio Pro, Inc.


Estudio 72 Radio


Toastmasters International: Club Metamorfosis


Historic Union Cemetery


Way of Japan


Casa Royal Banquet Hall


Espicy Concessions


Arranque Empresarial NPO


Mariposa Con Proposito (AE NPO)

Director of the online event "Tus Alas Estan Listas: Inquebrantable":
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Al Hernandez Law Firm

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